SB 0216 of 2013: A Bill to Implement the Recommendations of the Advisory Rules Committee

February 22, 2013


**This post has been superceded by a more recent post containing all of the same information, as well as further analysis. If you have been following this blog, you know that we were fairly excited with many of the recommendations made by the Advisory Rules Committee.  Now, many months later, the Michigan Senate has proposed […]

Oops, They Did It Again – More Changes to Local Approval Process

February 8, 2013


As you may remember, the local approval process has undergone two changes in the past twelve months.  The first change occurred last February.  The second change occurred last June.  Now, perhaps just to keep us on our toes, MLCC has changed the local approval process again. According to Licensing staff and supervisors, the current status […]

Brief Updates from the Month of January

January 31, 2013


Local Approvals: Last June, we discussed the Commission’s decision to eliminate the local government approval requirement for transfers of on-premise licenses.  In our eyes, this change is beneficial insofar as it has helped mitigate the delay caused by requiring local government/law enforcement approvals before the investigation stage of an application.  While we do not expect […]

Michigan Liquor Law’s Year in Review

December 20, 2012


First of all, we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.  Thank you for making us the premier Michigan liquor law blog, and for taking advantage of  We look forward to another year of navigating the law and its changes. A Few Reminders: Holiday Liquor Sales Hours: […]

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“Poof” Go the Licenses

September 21, 2012


We are always looking for ways to use one of Jim’s favorite words, “poof.”  Today, we have the perfect use: Effective this week, all non-renewed active or escrowed licenses have gone “poof.”  Frankly, many late-renewing licensees were lucky insofar as it took longer than we expected (and longer than MLCC led us to believe).  Per […]

Brief updates on Licensing, Permits, the ORR, and the MLBA

September 6, 2012


After our last post regarding the ORR Recommendations, the summer remained relatively quiet.  A few items were brought to our attention this week, so we decided that a brief update was in order. Regarding the Licensing Process We have been pleased to see that authorization for investigation appears to be occurring more quickly.  During the […]

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The ORR Recommendations – (Finally) Bringing Michigan Liquor Law into the 21st Century

July 9, 2012


***Once again, Jim and Michael apologize for the delay in fully addressing the ORR Recommendations.  We strive to provide as many free resources as possible; sadly, free resources do not pay the bills.  Our clients’ needs must take precedence, and that has been the case over the past week and a half. If you have […]