Michigan Liquor Law’s Year in Review

Posted on December 20, 2012


First of all, we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.  Thank you for making us the premier Michigan liquor law blog, and for taking advantage of MichiganLiquorLaw.com.  We look forward to another year of navigating the law and its changes.

A Few Reminders:

Holiday Liquor Sales Hours:

Christmas: Alcohol may not be sold (on or off-premise) between 11:59pm on December 24th and 12:00 noon on December 25th.  On-premise licensees may not allow consumption of alcoholic beverages after 11:59pm on December 24th (but may remain open until 2:00am, if they choose).

New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day: For on-premise licensees – alcohol may be sold until 4:00am; patrons must consume all alcohol before 4:30am and leave the premises by 4:30am.  For off-premise licensees, normal sales hours apply.

ADA Holiday Delivery Schedule:

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Great Lakes Wine & Spirits

Roundup of our Top Posts this Year

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The ORR Recommendations – (Finally) Bringing Michigan Liquor Law into the 21st Century (July)

Brief Updates on Licensing, Permits, the ORR, and the MLBA (September)

That’s all for now.  Happy Holidays everyone.


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