The Forms, they are a Changin’ – Again (Updated: 4/3/12)

Posted on March 30, 2012


UPDATE 4/3/12:

It was brought to our attention this morning that the LC-3011 has changed – again.  The primary changes to last week’s version of LC-3011 appear to be organizational – information is now organized differently.  The file name of the LC-3011 still contains the date 03/29, so you will want to be sure that you have the proper form with this name.  Because the name of the document has not changed, the download link remains the same.  Spot any other changes?  Let us know.


It appears that as of this morning, the new forms are all posted and ready for use.  MLCC has also provided a news update on the topic.

Before discussing forms, we note that MLCC has clarified their position regarding pre-approvals.  It is possible to submit an application without pre-approvals; however, MLCC is still requiring that the applicant receive pre-approval.  What is not clear yet is whether MLCC will authorize an application for investigation until after the approvals are received.

The LCC-3011 (Application for New licenses, Permits, or Transfer of Ownership or Interest in License) has already seen its first update, less than a month after its initial release.  As we have mentioned previously, MLCC informed us that this form replaces the LC-687 and LC-621.  Interestingly, the new version of the LCC-3011 also appears to duplicate, in part, the LCC-3010 (Report of Stockholders/Members and Authorized Signors) that was released earlier this month as well.  That being said, the LCC-3011 does not include a place in which you may designate authorized signors, so if you require an authorized signor(s), we recommend filling out both the LCC-3010 and the LCC-3011 with your initial application.

Just in the nick of time, MLCC has also provided the forms required for “pre-approval” by Local Government Units and Local Law Enforcement.  As you hopefully know, it is now necessary to obtain local approvals (as applicable) prior to sending in an application.   The LC-1305 (Local Government Approval) and LC-1800 (Police Investigation Recommendation) are both posted and updated as of 03/12.  If you happened to have these on file already, we recommend obtaining the new copies.  We will post our thoughts on “best practices” for handling the new application process (and pre-approvals) early next week.  For now, suffice it to say that some local governments and local law enforcement units may be surprised and confused by the new process.

Finally, MLCC has also provided a new LCC-3015 (Application for New Wholesalers/Manufacturer’s Licenses, Permits, or Transfer of Ownership or Interest in License).  This application should be used by any individuals/entities intending to apply for a license as a manufacturer or wholesaler.

That concludes today’s update.  Watch early next week for our thoughts on best practices as we move forward in the new “era” of applying for a liquor license.


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