Posted on March 21, 2012


Stariha & Brower, PLC — the sponsors of this blog — are proud to announce our newest endeavor.

MichiganLiquorLaw.com is that endeavor.  This site is intended as a “central hub” for anyone who frequently deals with Michigan liquor law.  From foundational information to legal analyses and beyond, this site is envisioned as a resource for licensees, hopeful licensees, practitioners, and anyone else with an interest in the topic.  While much of the content can be found elsewhere, we are trying to create a single, easy to use portal that either provides the content or links directly to the best resource for your needs – a “one-stop resource shop” if you will.

While we are announcing the page to world now, you can rest assured that much more is planned in the near future.  For example, we are working to partner with existing Michigan beer, wine, and spirits blogs to provide content in our “Industry News” section.  In addition, we intend to put up information about manufacturing alcohol (and the licenses required to do so) within the next week or so.  Even those areas that appear complete have much more planned for them – for example, the addition of licensing qualifications, information about “less common” retail licenses, and increased depth to the discussions of the application process.  This is a project that we intend to continue expanding and changing (with the laws) indefinitely.

Despite the work that is yet to be done, the site currently hosts a great deal of content, and we welcome you to browse.

A selection of the content on MichiganLiquorLaw.com:

Foundational information on Michigan’s Liquor Control System
Handling MLCC Violations
How to obtain a Michigan Liquor License
A list of proposed changes to Michigan’s Liquor Control Code
A discussion of the “Fuel Pump Rule” (MCL 436.1541)
A discussion of the “1/2 Mile Rule” for SDDs (Rule 436.1133)
A discussion of Churches, Schools, and Liquor (MCL 436.1503)