The Forms, They Are A Changin’ (Updated)

Posted on March 13, 2012



The LCC-3011 also replaces the LC-621.  You will need one stockholder/member information page (in the LCC-3011) for each stockholder/member.


MLCC promised us new forms by March 19th, and apparently, they have started following through.

As of this weekend, several new forms have appeared on MLCC’s website and several of the forms we are used to have disappeared.  The change was brought to our attention when we were asked for an LCC-3010, rather than an LC-52.  The new LCC-3010, “Report of Stockholders/Members and Authorized Signors” is apparently intended to replace both the LC-52 and the LC-52a.

We also note that there is now an LCC-3012 “Closing Form for License Sale” and LCC-3011 “Application for New Licenses, Permits, or Transfer of Ownership or Interest in License”.  A call to MLCC has confirmed that the LCC-3011 does replace its predecessor, the LC-687 (though the LC-687 was still available on MLCC’s website as of this morning).

Also worth noting are two new forms for use by those who have a participation/participating management agreement: the LCC-3008 “Participation Permit Application for terms greater than 10% of gross sales” and the LCC-3009 “Participation Agreement Form for terms less than 10% of gross sales.”

Spotted another new form or a missing form?  Let us know.  We will also continue monitoring the MLCC Forms website every day or so to watch for more additions.  Once we are sure that the “form shakeup” is complete, we will follow-up with notes on the specific forms that applicants should be using.