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The Forms, they are a Changin’ – Again (Updated: 4/3/12)

March 30, 2012


UPDATE 4/3/12: It was brought to our attention this morning that the LC-3011 has changed – again.  The primary changes to last week’s version of LC-3011 appear to be organizational – information is now organized differently.  The file name of the LC-3011 still contains the date 03/29, so you will want to be sure that […]

The State of the Fees

March 26, 2012


Over the weekend, a business broker asked me (verbatim) “What the hell is going on with these fees?”  As some of you may have heard, there has been some back and forth regarding the “state of the fees” payable to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  We have not addressed the issue for several months, so […]

March 21, 2012


Stariha & Brower, PLC — the sponsors of this blog — are proud to announce our newest endeavor. is that endeavor.  This site is intended as a “central hub” for anyone who frequently deals with Michigan liquor law.  From foundational information to legal analyses and beyond, this site is envisioned as a resource for licensees, […]

Temporary/Conditional Licenses – A Proposed Solution to (Some of) our Woes

March 16, 2012


Just a short note on two bills that are currently circulating in the legislature. House Bill 5488 (2012) & Senate Bill 1002 (2012) propose a potential solution to our concerns regarding increased processing times, the additional time required due to LGU approval, and in general, the amount of time that licensure can take.  (See HB […]

Further Clarification Regarding Escrowed Licenses

March 15, 2012


To date, we have only published posts written by us (Jim Stariha & Michael Brower).  Going forward, we intend to continue primarily publishing our own posts; however, we have been considering utilizing the input of others as well.  This is a industry where we must all work together, and we would appreciate having our blog […]

The Forms, They Are A Changin’ (Updated)

March 13, 2012


UPDATE: The LCC-3011 also replaces the LC-621.  You will need one stockholder/member information page (in the LCC-3011) for each stockholder/member. ________________ MLCC promised us new forms by March 19th, and apparently, they have started following through. As of this weekend, several new forms have appeared on MLCC’s website and several of the forms we are […]

Renewal of Active & Escrowed Licenses

March 5, 2012


With last week’s big news, we did not have the time to fully address several other important announcements from MLCC. With Regard to Active Licenses As always, MLCC has reminded licensees to renew their license(s) prior to May 1st.  Furthermore, MLCC recommends mailing your renewal by March 15th to ensure that it is processed by […]