Brief Note on Today’s Update from MLCC

Posted on February 17, 2012


In case you were not aware, MLCC announced more changes today.

Effective immediately, there is no need for submission and approval of licensing, service, or franchise agreements, unless a lease, sale, or transfer of possession of any portion of the licensed premises is also involved.  This change brings MLCC’s practices in accord with Rule 436.1023(3), which only requires prior written approval by the Commission when a licensee desires to “lease, sell, or transfer possession of a portion of the licensed premises.”

A full list of those agreements which no longer require Commission approval is available here.

We have been seeing changes at MLCC for some time now, and are extremely pleased to see that the Commission is in fact taking steps to streamline the licensing process and ensure that all practices are in accord with the Liquor Control Code and Rules.  While further, more dramatic changes are hoped for in the near future, this is certainly a step in the right direction.  As Chairman Deloney notes: “We will no longer be burdening our customers – licensees and applicants – with these unnecessary and time-consuming requirements . . . More changes are coming, and soon.”