Updates & A Brief History of Michigan Liquor Law

Posted on February 9, 2012


We, like many of you, anxiously await news from Lansing.  There is reason to believe that a significant overhaul of Michigan’s Liquor Control Code will occur in the near future, yet we cannot predict exactly what should be expected.  Furthermore, change is already underway at the Liquor Control Commission.  In addition to our prior observations, we have continued to see change.  Recently, we were asked to send in a written request for a waiver of the 1/2 mi rule (Rule 436.1133); the next day, we were told that a written request was no longer necessary.  The reduction of seemingly unnecessary paperwork is certainly a welcome change in our eyes!  (As an aside, we still recommend sending in a written request until you hear otherwise from the Commission).

The uncertain state of the law is causing us to wait for the announcement of changes before we publish analyses of the law or best practices for working with the law.  For now, we are waiting; however, we promise to publish news and analysis as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we have decided to share another of our ongoing projects – a book in progress, tentatively titled “Michigan Liquor Law.”  We intend to craft this book into a handbook of sorts, detailed enough for practitioners, yet accessible enough for those who are just entering the complicated field that is Michigan liquor law.  Much of the work on this book must wait until we learn of what, if any, changes will be occurring in the near future.  Until then, however, we have been able to draft an early version of an introductory section containing a brief history of Michigan liquor law through 1933.  For us, knowing the past has always been an important facet in understanding the present and predicting the future.  If you are interested, the link below contains a .pdf with a selection of our work so far.  Please note, the book (and this selection) is a work in progress.  We welcome any critiques or comments and request that they be directed to Michael, via michael@starihabrower.com

A Brief History of Michigan Liquor Law


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