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Local Government Approval (UPDATED)

February 29, 2012


UPDATED:  MLCC recently put out this document, which details when local approvals are/are not required. This is a follow-up post to yesterday’s news regarding changes announced by MLCC.  Due to time/length constraints, this post will not discuss MLCC’s announcement regarding escrowed licenses. As most of you will know, applicants for a new/transfer on-premise license (other […]

(Somewhat) Shocking Update from MLCC (In Brief)

February 28, 2012


Somewhat shocking news from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission today: As we noted in our last post, Chairman Deloney informed us that the Commission was considering a change in the policy regarding Local Government Unit approval.  Today, the Commission announced that, effective April 1st, applicants must receive local approval (municipal & law enforcement, where necessary) prior […]

Clarification on Possible Changes to the Michigan Liquor Control Code (Updated)

February 22, 2012


Yesterday, we attended a luncheon at which Chairman Deloney, the other two administrative commissioners, and several MLCC staff members were present.  Chairman Deloney made several points that give some limited clarification on the changes we may soon see in the Code, Rules, and procedures at MLCC. To those of you who have been following our […]

Brief Note on Today’s Update from MLCC

February 17, 2012


In case you were not aware, MLCC announced more changes today. Effective immediately, there is no need for submission and approval of licensing, service, or franchise agreements, unless a lease, sale, or transfer of possession of any portion of the licensed premises is also involved.  This change brings MLCC’s practices in accord with Rule 436.1023(3), which […]

Updates & A Brief History of Michigan Liquor Law

February 9, 2012


We, like many of you, anxiously await news from Lansing.  There is reason to believe that a significant overhaul of Michigan’s Liquor Control Code will occur in the near future, yet we cannot predict exactly what should be expected.  Furthermore, change is already underway at the Liquor Control Commission.  In addition to our prior observations, […]