License Fee Changes Are Being Applied Retroactively (Updated 1/4)

Posted on December 29, 2011


FYI: It appears that the changes announced just over a week ago are being applied retroactively.

We received a Notice of Deficiency for an application that was submitted in November.  The notice states that the processing of our application has been suspended until the fees are paid in accordance with the changes announced December 19th.  Based on this, it appears MLCC may require that applicants with pending requests pay the fees described here before the request will be fully processed.  Please note, however, we cannot say with certainty that this is true of all applications; we have multiple applications pending, but thus far have only received one notice.

UPDATE:  We are now receiving notices for all pending applications except those which are already on the Commission’s docket.  If you have not yet received a notice but want to determine whether one is being sent to you, go to MLCC’s Application Status Check and look up your business name or request id.  Under the current application, MLCC is stating whether or not a notice has been sent.